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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Was Tiny Tim gay?

At the age of twenty, Tiny found himself strongely attracted to a young man who lived near him, and this developed into a relationship involving some mild physical petting which went on for several years. But Tiny's religious beliefs caused him to feel a great deal of guilt about his feelings, and he prayed ardently to be freed of what he considered to be sinful desires. When the young man married and moved away the cycle was finally broken. Whether Tiny continued to harbor sexual feelings towards men is something we can't know. But we can safely assume that Tiny never had any such relationship with a man again. He was a compulsively honest person who made the whole world his confessional, and would surely have told any and everyone had he given way to such temptation again. And he had other temptations to distract him: Women. Tiny was without a doubt a guy who had very strong heterosexual feelings towards the ladies, and lived in a fairly constant state of lust, uneasily trying to co-exist with fierce Catholic guilt about sex. At the height of his fame prior to his marriage, Tiny had his manager appoint a special guard to keep him from falling prey to the temptation posed by beautiful young girls, but despite this, Tiny evaded his own 'protector' and had several liasons. He went on to marry, and fathered two children in rapid succession (the first was stillborn). He married twice more before his death, and his personal correspondence and diaries attest to his enduring guilty obsession with the female sex.

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