Ukulele signed by Tiny Tim nets $650 for 14-year-old

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-Tiny Tim has helped a teen-ager tiptoe to the tuition needed for college.
    A ukulele that the late singer autographed for Ohio teen-ager Andy Kurcan was sold for $650 at an auction Wednesday at Christie's East in New York City.
    Kurcan, 14, a freshman at Fostoria High School plans to use the proceeds to study music in college. "It's money I didn't have," he said.
    Kurcan was barely more than a toddler in 1985 when he and his father were walking across a circus grounds and spotted the singer.
    Tiny Tim "saw the Ukulele Andy was carrying and he said, 'Oh, hi,'" David Kurcan said. "We stopped. Tiny reached out and lifted Andy onto his knee. He strummed Andy's Ukelele and tuned it. He sang "Tiptoe Thru' the Tulips,' just for us."
    The entertainer then signed the instrument in large, bold letters: My Andrew, TINY TIM, 8/10/85. Tiny Tim died after a performance in 1996.

His signature is worth $650
His signature is worth $650

Friday, Feb 6th, 1998
Source: Unidentified
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