Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki
Tiny Tim finally went and did it!
On Dec. 17 he tied the knot with Miss Vicki Budinger, 17.

WEDDING OF THE YEAR! TINY TIM Tiptoes Down The Aisle!    
"It all started last June in Wanamaker's in Philadelphia," said Herbert Buckingham Khaury, 37, better known as Tiny Tim. "I was autographing copies of my book, Beautiful Thoughts, when I looked up and saw this angel.... That night I wrote in my diary: 'Will I meet her again? I think I will.'"    
And so began the romance of Tiny and Miss Vicki Budinger, 17, of Haddonfield, New Jersey. A love that culminated last December 17 when, before twenty million viewers on The Johnny Carson Show, Tiny and Vicki took their marriage vows.    
In honor of the groom's recording of Tiptoe Through The Tulips, which brought him instant fame, the gala and surprisingly solemn wedding, presided over by Rev. William Glenesk, was strewn with 10,000 tulips flown in from Holland for the occasion. After Tiny kissed his blushing bride (it was only "about the fifth" kiss they'd shared to date), the newlyweds drank a toast of milk and honey.    
The radiant Tiny then serenaded his new wife with two songs, one on his ukelele, one on an autoharp. Then, along with more than 250 invited guests, they headed for a reception at The Ground Floor, a posh New York restaurant.    
After spending the night in adjoining suites at the Waldorf, Tiny and Vicki headed for a honeymoon in the Bahamas where they intended to spend their first three days in prayer. As for their future life together, Tiny reported that they would have separate facilities and would always dine apart, for he never allows anyone to watch him while he eats.    
Asked if he thought marriage might hamper his appeal, Tiny fessed up, "No, I'm not a sex symbol like Tom Jones." Miss Vicki, we think, might beg to differ with him on that!    
The union of Tiny and Miss Vicki, the tulip king and his flower-child wife, truly pays homage to this decade's flower-power thing. Their wedding was a perfect ending to 1969; indeed, a perfect swan song to the swinging '60's and a whimsical welcome to the 70's. We wish them a joyous, flowering future together.

March 1970
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